Welcome to my shopping list!

The Nutty Pear is all about living a healthy life through what we eat, but also what we use around the house including kitchen tools, skin and beauty products and cleaning products, which all end up coming in contact with and/or entering our bodies.

It can be tough to find products with wholesome ingredients that are non-toxic and safe. So many things that are easily available to us are filled with toxic chemicals that are shown to cause damage to our bodies and may even be cancer-causing. I combine my medical knowledge as a nurse with the latest research to form my framework around what we can do to prevent illness and live a life that FEELS good. That’s why I created this page – to share with you the knowledge and research I’ve put into finding truly healthy products that I trust.

Here you can find all the goodies I use around the house to help us live the healthiest life without sacrificing convenience. You’ll find:

instant pot | pressure cooker | 30 min meals | weeknight meals | easy dinner

Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

Organic Coconut Flour | Paleo Recipes | Low Carb

Pantry items

Beauty | Make Up | Powder | Safe CosmeticsMake Up & Beauty Products

Essential Oils | Young Living | Therapeutic Oils | Lavender

Essential Oils