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Interested In Learning About Essential Oils?

The reason essential oils have become so popular is because they have so many health benefits; there is an oil for just about everything!

Being a nurse, I tend to be a little skeptical of things until I really understand the science and process of it. Maybe you are too. Keep reading! I’ll explain everything I’ve learned.

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So what are essential oils exactly?

Essential oils come from the insides of seeds, plants and roots. They’re highly concentrated with the nutrients and oxygen of the plant and therefore have strong healing properties.

Why choose young living and what’s the science behind it?

Young Living’s oils are 100% pure and therapeutic grade. The excellent quality is a product of their own farms, using proper plant species, steam distillation and cold press methods to preserve the therapeutic properties of the oils. YL has a “seed to seal” guarantee and they distill without EVER using chemicals. Young Living is the only oil company I trust and recommend for pure and therapeutic essential oils.

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 I personally use essential oils almost every day. When I bought the starter kit from Young Living, I had all the most versatile oils to play around with and start using in my day-to-day.

Young Living oils can be diffused, ingested and used topically. My favorite way to use the oils is to diffuse them with the diffuser that comes in the starter kit. It cleans the air you breathe and makes your home smell lovely!

All of top 5 oils I listed are included in the starter kit!

young living essential oils starter kit with diffuser

The best way to get started with essential oils is to get the Young Living starter kit. You’ll get a diffuser and 11 oils to start playing around with + some samples. It’s a $160 investment which is 50% off. Once you’re a member you’re able to order oils at wholesale price whenever you want. I still have a lot of oils from my starter kit I got 1 year ago. The starter kit is a great deal and the most economical way to start using oils in your day-to-day.

The only commitment to keep your membership is to spend $50 in one year. If you don’t want to keep your membership, no problem. And there’s no obligation to sell to others. However, if you do have friends and family that are interested, you can make money from signing them up and from their purchases!

young living essential oils starter kit with diffuser

Questions about essential oils? Email me!

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