Travelogue: Cinque Terre, Italy 2016

This little stretch along the Italian Riviera is stunning. Cinque terre means “five villages.” Which is exactly what it is. Mountains and ocean come together for amazing scenery. It’s dramatic cliff-side villages, ocean views, hiking, swimming, charming little streets, and awesome seafood and pesto. We had just 2 nights here and it left us wanting more. We’d definitely come back here some day! The 5 villages are: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. No cars are allowed in the villages and they are connected by a train that comes every 30 minutes. Just past Monterosso is a less touristy town called Levanto, but the best views are on the 5 villages. We visited 4 of the 5 during our stay.

Cinque Terre Italy Travelogue by The Nutty PearCinque Terre Italy Sunset on Riomaggiore - Travelogue by The Nutty Pear

Cinque Terre, Italy Travelogue by The Nutty Pear


Cinque Terre, Italy - Corniglia Travelogue by The Nutty PearThese are some of our photos from our hike from Corniglia to Vernazza, sunset in Riomaggiore, seafood and pasta meals, charming streets in Vernazza and cliff-side buildings in Manarola. I don’t have much to say because the photos speak for themselves! Until next time Cinque Terre <3

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