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Living a Fit Lifestyle – Health Tips + Workout Swag

Living a Fit Lifestyle & How to stay motivated working out. Fitness Routine.

What do the lives of fit and healthy people look like?

Do they work out twice a day and drink liquid kale?

How do they have the time to be fit?

All valid questions.

Good news: I consider myself a fit person and I’ve never drank liquid kale.

But really, we are all SO busy. How can we make being fit and active part of our lifestyle? I’m not here to give you some secret magical trick that will instantly change your life without you having to lift a finger. But, I do want to offer some practical and simple health tips that work for me.

And I do believe that being fit and active DOES change your life. You know what else changes your life?


I’m over counting calories and weighing myself every morning. I’m over feeling guilty for missing a workout and for eating a cookie. Let’s just do what makes us feel good.

Learn to listen to your body. Maybe you don’t even realize that you’re not operating at 100%. Or even 75%. Our bodies learn to adapt and work with what they have. They’re pretty good at it too. But we’re not actually meant to feel exhausted all the time, stressed, bloated or sluggish.

Self Care, Living a Fit Lifestyle, Be Active, We cannot be of help to others if we don't care for ourselves

Living a Fit Lifestyle. Health Tips. How to Stay motivated working out. How to stick to a fitness routine.

Living a Fit Lifestyle. Health Tips. How to Stay motivated working out. How to stick to a fitness routine.


If any of this is resonating with you and you want to make some changes, this is the most important step. Finding your why is the best health tip I can offer you as far as motivation goes. So why are you doing this? You’re not doing this for someone else. This is for YOU. It’s your story. 

Maybe you want to be more fit so you can play with your kids. Maybe you want to have the stamina to travel and see the world. Maybe it’s weight loss. Maybe it’s for your psychological health and stress relief. Maybe it’s just so that you can feel good.

Take a minute and think about what it is. Write it down!


At first, making a change in your lifestyle requires some motivation. Eventually, your goal is to turn these health tips into habits; to make it almost effortless.

#1: Have a plan

Doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Could be as simple as walking for 20 minutes 3 times per week. Could be going on pinterest and finding a no-equipment, home workout you can do. PS – mama’s, have you seen those home workouts using your baby as weight?? I love it!

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are - Theodore Roosevelt. Self care and living a fit lifestyle. How to stay motivated in your workout

Most importantly, make it realistic. Don’t make too much of a drastic change all at once. Give yourself some time to adjust to the changes in your lifestyle before furthering your goals. That’s how you’ll make it stick.

Personally, I love going to classes. Barre, circuit training, spin, yoga etc. They offer a variety and I love the community. Sometimes it takes a little more time out of my day, but since I love it so much, I make time for it. It’s become a priority in my life and it makes me happy! That’s the goal here. A lot of boutique studios will offer you a free week or free class if you’re a new customer. Another benefit of group classes: you’ll learn good form and learn exercises you can do at home on days you don’t feel like going to a class.

#2: Tell someone

Or a few people. Especially friends or family that are also making it a priority to live active lifestyles. Bounce ideas off each other and hold each other accountable. Sometimes simply talking about it out loud is motivation enough.

#3: Remember your WHY

Whenever I’m slacking a bit or having a stressful week and I’m tempted to get off track, the most powerful way to stick with my plan is to think about why I’m doing it in the first place. Literally envision yourself running around with your kids, hiking the Grand Canyon, going on a bike ride with your family, or simply feeling good. It’s a powerful tool and it works. Don’t underestimate the power of the mind!

Lifestyle blogger, fit lifestyle, workout motivation, fitness inspiration, activewear

Living a Fit Lifestyle. Health Tips. How to Stay motivated working out. How to stick to a fitness routine.

Living a Fit Lifestyle. How to Stay motivated working out. How to stick to a fitness routine.

Fit Lifestyle, Workout Motivation, Fitness Inspiration, Athleisure

Living a fit lifestyle, workout motivation, be active, athleisure, fitness inspiration


Seconds Timer App

Allows you to set up intervals on a timer for however many seconds you want and then a rest period. It will repeat for however many sets you choose. It’s perfect for HIIT or tabata workouts (which are in my opinion the best bang for your buck when you only have a few minutes).

*Use pinterest or youtube for HIIT exercise ideas. My faves: high knees, mountain climbers, jump squats, burpees, lunge jumps.

Group Classes

I already mentioned how much I LOVE group fitness classes. To me, being in a group class is the most motivating and fun way to work out.

-Check out groupon in your city for discounted classes

-Try new studios in your city and ask about a new client offer

Try out ClassPass

My Favorite Workout Swag

Don’t underestimate the power of a great workout outfit! 🙂 I’ve linked some of my favorite gear.


Check out my RECIPES page for healthy meal ideas!

I’d love to hear what works for you! What’s your why to live a fit lifestyle? Comment below!

Living a fit lifestyle: health tips and workout swag. Fitness Motivation

Living a fit lifestyle, how to stay motivated with health tips + workout swag. Workout Motivation & fitness inspiration

10 thoughts on “Living a Fit Lifestyle – Health Tips + Workout Swag”

  1. Couldn’t agree more with your post. Great read. Its so true to know your why. For me to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle is very important. Its so easy to get off track but stay focussed is the key 🙂 Enjoyed reading the post 🙂

  2. This is awesome! I am in total agreement that it takes small steps to get in the swing of things, and we don’t all need to drink kale smoothies :). I notice that HIIT training only takes a few workouts a week to change your body which is awesome. Love your tips and it all totally resonates with what I believe!!

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